Visual Arts: Electronic Media

Computer illustrations, scanned and/or computer-manipulated images and graphic design or commercial art, including brochures, flyers, t-shirt designs or posters created with the assistance of a computer.

NOTE: Graphic design entries done entirely by hand should be entered in the Drawing, Painting or Mixed Media categories.

Rules for this category...

  1. Entries must be submitted in 2-D format, matted AND mounted for hanging. Disks will not be accepted.
  2. IF a mat is used, the entry must be newly matted. The entry must also be mounted for hanging.
  3. Maximum size for entries is 24" x 36", including mat or frame, if used.
  4. NO stock photography, clip art, CD images or downloaded images may be used in the entry, even if manipulated. No direct scanning of published images.
  5. Students must list all software and hardware used in the production of the artwork on the entry form.
  6. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:
    1. Technique - The use of media and tools (execution and technical skills). The student chooses and controls media and tools effectively to enhance the appearance of the work.
    2. Personal Expression - The level of imagination, creativity and individuality. The expression is unique and the concept presented in a fresh way that is imaginative and inventive.
    3. Organization - The use of elements and principles of art, effectively choosing those which enhance the overall appearance of the work.
    4. Integration - The work integrates technique, expression, and organization through aesthetic and critical judgment to achieve an effective interpretation of the purpose.
  7. If a piece is entered into the wrong category, the judges may not advance the piece to the next level of judging. Double-check your category before entering!
  8. Due to the number of entries, the first step in judging is to narrow the field. This is achieved through one or more "advancement rounds," until the top fifteen are all that remain. Each of the top fifteen are then given a numeric score (1-50) on each of the four criteria above. The total numeric score will determine the final placement of the entry, subject to the unanimous consent of the judges. The judges may decide to further advance an entry, but may only do so if they are unanimous in this decision. The judges' decisions are final.
  9. Contestants must be a US cititzen or legal resident with a valid tax ID and enrolled in grades 9-12 in a participating High School at the time the entry is submitted.
  10. The entry must have been completed since the 2008 Culture Shapers Art Contest, November 20, 2008.
  11. Participating High Schools include all public, private and home schools OFFERING A FULL CURRICULUM (ie, no private art schools) within Harris, Waller, Liberty, Chambers, Galveston, Brazoria, Fort Bend or Montgomery counties.
  12. ALL WORK MUST BE ENTIRELY PERFORMED BY THE STUDENT. The entry must be conceptualized, developed AND created by the student.
  13. Original photographs or student-directed photographs may be used by the student in the development of the entry, provided the original photograph is attached to the entry. Photographs taken by an art instructor or other individual are considered professional, and may be used as reference material only. Copying the photograph exactly in any media is prohibited. Images traced with the use of an overhead or opaque projector are prohibited.
  14. ANY and ALL source materials used (including research photos) must be cited in the entry form, AND ATTACHED TO THE ENTRY. Failure to do so may result in disqualification! If you used source material, attach it!
  15. ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL! If the teacher or parent has any doubt about the complete originality of the art work, the work should not be submitted.
  16. Directly copying or using any portion of a published image, photograph, album cover, magazine, website, or any other source is considered plagiarism, and will result in disqualification.
  17. Images downloaded from the internet are NOT original, and will be disqualified.
  18. Judges will eliminate any artwork that includes profane references to a deity, obscene language, or any content that offends the moral standards of the community. The decision of the judges is final in this and all other contest matters.
  19. Identification must be securely taped to the back of the entry.
  20. Entries must be titled, and a brief description (25 words or less) must accompany the entry.
  21. Every entry form must be signed by the student, teacher and parent or legal guardian. No entry will be accepted without a properly completed entry form. This form not only certifies the contestant's eligibility but also that the entry has been carefully examined and found to be acceptable by the teacher and parent/legal guardian.
  22. An entry fee of $20 must accompany each entry. Contestants may enter more than one category, but may only enter each category once. Every contestant will receive one (1) commemorative Culture Shapers t-shirt (limit one per person).
  23. Contestants are responsible for delivering and picking up their entry to and from the drop-off location. This year, the drop-off location will be the Westfield High School commons: 16713 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77090 (In North Houston, just west of the intersection of FM 1960 and I-45) Click here for a map.
  24. Entries must be durable enough to withstand handling and transportation. The structural integrity and durability of the entry is the sole responsibility of the contestant.
  25. While every effort will be made to prevent damage to any work of art, Culture Shapers shall not be held responsible for theft, loss or damage of works entered.
  26. ALL entries will be received on Saturday, November 1st, 2009, between the hours of 10am and 6pm.
  27. All judging will take place the next morning, November 1st, and will conclude by 3pm. The public is NOT permitted to view any portion of the judging process.
  28. ntries must be picked up on November 1st, between the hours of 3:30pm and 5:30pm. We will NOT store your entry. If you cannot pick up your entry yourself, you must arrange to have someone else pick up your entry for you. You will need to present the claim ticket in order to claim your entry.The TOP FIFTEEN finalists will be notified by 2:30pm via e-mail and will not pick up their entry.
  29. The TOP FIFTEEN finalists in each category will be posted on this website on Monday, November 3rd, and subject to a 2-day probationary period, during which time an entry may be protested. If substantial evidence shows that the entry is found to be in clear violation of the rules of this contest or current copyright law, the entry will be disqualified.
  30. The TOP TEN finalists will be officially announced on Monday, November 16th and personally invited to the exclusive Awards Night on Wednesday, December, 2nd 2009!

Some policies and rules have been adapted for use with permission from the Texas Art Education Association's Visual Art Scholastic Event.