Guide to Luxury Eating Around Majorca

One of the best things about going on holiday is eating out and sampling the finest local delicacies. You and your partner are both free from cooking duties and, if you like, can be waited on hand and foot at first-class restaurants every night. If you’re booking flights to Majorca (which you can do by […]

Goan Cuisine: a Unique Blend of Indo-European Flavours

While much of India’s cuisine is vegetarian, Goa is quite different. This is largely due to the Portuguese influence, with the Europeans having controlled Goa for more than 400 years. As a result of their presence, meat was introduced to the Goan diet and has become something of a staple. In fact, there are several […]

Discover the Hubs of Jazz and Blues: Nashville and Memphis

If any one state can be called the musical heartland of America, then it’s Tennessee. Here, visitors are able to enjoy a variety of genres and see for themselves where history was made, and nowhere is this more the case than in the wonderful cities of Memphis and Nashville – which you can visit with […]

Day Trips From Pisa: Genoa

If you’re planning a holiday in Tuscany and are thinking of basing yourself in Pisa then you’ll have made a fine choice, as this charming city is not only stunning and fascinating in equal measure, but is also perfectly located to allow you to visit other nearby destinations. Florence and Siena are among the most […]

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